Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with IBD Can Be Challenging

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with IBD Can Be Challenging
Many factors can contribute to fatigue in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and Crohn's disease, including anemia, pain, and medications. Patients feel tired, restless, lethargic, exhausted, and lacking in energy. Fatigue can affect each person differently, just like not every experience with Crohn's disease and IBD is the same.
Fatigue and IBD can both be unpredictable. However, recognizing these problems and finding the best ways to manage them can help IBD sufferers to get a full night's sleep. Following are some of the issues that we deal with:
  • Poor sleep quality: This can be a significant problem for those with IBD and Crohn's disease. Midnight bathroom visits and other symptoms can negatively affect sleep quality.
  • Anemia: Blood loss can cause iron deficiency and malnutrition, which adds to fatigue levels.
  • Pain: Bowel inflammation, obstructions, abscesses, and fissures can be debilitating, and the pain can keep you awake at night.
  • Anxiety and depression: Mental health issues can leave IBD patients feeling restless and can worsen insomnia. Mental fatigue can be equally as exhausting as physical tiredness.
  • Medications: Prednisone and other steroid medications can keep patients awake. It is best t
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