4 Things that Really Bother Me

Growing up, I was always taught to “look on the bright side” and not to complain about things I cannot change. These are concepts I tend to live by to this day. I’ve been through so much with my IBD; most days I don’t even complain anymore. I’ve learned to adjust to my “new normal”

Knowledge is power when living with IBD.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    My biggest frustration with Crohn’s is that I basically became the disease. Every family & friend I speak to the first thing they ask me is how I’m feeling & what new meds, herbs, or diet they heard about. After 20 years of the same conversation over, & over, & over again it’s made me withdrawal from life. I know people are concerned, but there is more to me than my disease. I have other interests, can we please talk about something else already.

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