4 Things that Really Bother Me

Growing up, I was always taught to "look on the bright side" and not to complain about things I cannot change. These are concepts I tend to live by to this day. I've been through so much with my IBD; most days I don't even complain anymore. I've learned to adjust to my "new normal" life with a J-pouch and appreciate how far I've come. At times, when I tell my story, people look at me in disbelief. How could someone possibly go through everything you've been through and live to tell it? Looking back on my IBD struggles, I realize how right others are to think that. So instead of dwelling on small things in life that I don't like, I try to remain positive. Even with my upbeat spirit and positive attitude, there are some things about my condition that still bother me to this day. Four things about IBD that really bother me Lack of information: This can be taken many different ways, as it should be. I believe patients diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease should be given more detailed information. I've made a lot of friends with IBD, and most of us seem to have similar diagnosis stories. When many of us were diagnosed, we were given a quick rundown of how IBD works. Patients and caregivers need more detailed information at the time of diagnosis and throughout care. Misconceptions: I talk with people daily about my condition; questions I am asked the most tend to involve what my stool is like or have I tried "insert diet or supplement here." A lot of people don't realize just how serious IBD really is. Inflammatory bowel disease is more than just a pooping disease, it's so much more than just an upset stomach or frequent stomachaches ― as I've heard so many times before. I have a condition that is greatly misunderstood. However, I do my part by 
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  1. Kathryn says:

    My biggest frustration with Crohn’s is that I basically became the disease. Every family & friend I speak to the first thing they ask me is how I’m feeling & what new meds, herbs, or diet they heard about. After 20 years of the same conversation over, & over, & over again it’s made me withdrawal from life. I know people are concerned, but there is more to me than my disease. I have other interests, can we please talk about something else already.

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