4 IBD Lifestyle Changes To Try

Changing the way you eat. In addition to changing the actual foods you eat, you may want to change how much and when you eat.  Many IBD patients feel better when they eat smaller and more frequent meals rather than three full meals a day. Because bowel disorders make it difficult to absorb vitamins and essential nutrients from food, you may need to take supplements. Also, drink more water. Water helps flush the system while decreasing your chances for constipation. Discover the six tests needed to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease here.
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  1. Kathleen Facker says:

    Finally! Some information about diet changes! My 31-year-old daughter was diagnosed with IBD 1-1/2 years ago and immediately tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). She is medication free and doing well. I would also recommend looking into the Autoimmune Paleo diet.

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