Crohn’s and Constipation

Crohn’s and Constipation
Crohn’s disease often is viewed as a “bathroom disease,” because having frequent bathroom trips is associated with Crohn’s. That is not always the case for those suffering with this debilitating disease. When those bathroom symptoms become bothersome, this includes diarrhea or in some cases the exact opposite, constipation, and it’s hard to have bowel movements

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  1. Marge says:

    I have had chronic partial obstructions in the past. They happen suddenly so I would not say it is constipation. The doctor believes it is motility and a stricture. Since I started drinking Plumsmart after every meal, just a small amount I am having fewer obstructions. Some people drink 8oz at once, I could not handle that. The magnesium added to the juice helps your muscle contract. It is an expensive juice but after 5 hospitalizations to go “nothing by mouth” in a two year period, I feel like I have my life back. Due to the stricture I adhere to a very low fiber diet.

  2. Lisa Burks says:

    Hello Marge,

    Thank you for both taking the time to read my column and posting a comment here. I always appreciate feedback! What I was meaning towards Obstructions and constipation was more of a symptom to watch out for because of the fact it is a symptom of them. You’ve had 5 obstructions in two years?! That is 5 too many! I have had 3 in the past two years, and boy they are hard and pretty painful! I’ve dealt with one total colon obstruction and two functional partial obstructions. Moreso now is my issues also stem from motility. My intestines just don’t want to contract/function anymore. I’ve actually never tried Plumsmart before. It makes sense since prunes are a good way to help with digestion. I dont think I could do 8oz of that juice either. NPO is not fun!! Im so glad to hear that lately you have been feeling better, and I hope that lasts for a long time! If you get more strictures and obstructions is your doctor considering surgery to remove those areas of the intestines? My doctor also wants my on a low fiber diet. He called it a low residue diet. Keep on fighting my fellow Crohnie Warrior!!

    • Marge says:

      My doctor does not want to do surgery unless I have an obstruction that will not resolve NPO. More surgery means more scar tissues and that can lead to adhesive related strictures. My inflammation is under control with Humira. I am so low residue I eat white rice and white tandoori bread. Also, nothing raw. I also avoid cooked veggies that cause gas. My last tip is maternity leggings-haha. They are so comfortable when things are moving slowly. Good luck to you!

      • Lisa Burks says:

        It’s good that your doctor is conservative when it comes to having surgery. Some doctors are gun-ho on sending their patients out to have resections or colostomy’s. I’ve actually never heard of Tandoori bread or using maternity leggings before, I might have to have to look into that. It’s good to avoid raw veggies for sure!! I don’t do too well when eating that sort of food. I used to take Humira but it just didn’t provide enough relief or preventing obstructions. I was switched to Remicade infusions and although it hasn’t been enough to put me in remission, it has decreased the degree of inflammation in my small and large intestines. I hope your Humira continues to work for you! Good luck to you too!!

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