Intestinal Obstruction: A Complicated Complication of Crohn’s

Intestinal Obstruction: A Complicated Complication of Crohn’s
lisa burks Crohn's disease can be fairly complicated, making it difficult for some patients to explain what the disease is, and what caused it. With Crohn’s, there are two reasons why a person's lifestyle is affected so much. The first reason is the disease itself, and the daily symptoms that limit what a person is able to do. The second is trying to be prepared for the possible complications that can arise at any time. One of the many possible complications of Crohn’s disease is intestinal obstruction. If you think that sounds bad, you’re right! An intestinal obstruction is one of the more dangerous complications someone with Crohn’s can experience. Obstructions can be fatal if not caught and treated early. An intestinal obstruction occurs when the small or large intestine is blocked, either by solid matter or due to swelling. The obstruction can be partial or total, preventing the passage of fluids and digested food. The dangers appear when the obstruction stops solids and liquids from passing, because this allows gastric acids and gas to build behind the site of the obstruction. If enough pressure builds up, the intestine could rupture and that can be deadly! That is why getting treatment started fast is vital. Treatment depends on the type of obstruction and its cause.

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