Crohn’s Disease Questions, Part 3: About Food and Other Suggestions

Crohn’s Disease Questions, Part 3: About Food and Other Suggestions
Crohn's Disease Questions: Food Questions and Suggestions
Editor’s note: In the third part of the series “Crohn’s Disease Questions,” Mary Horsley discusses food and other suggestions and comments she gets about Crohn's Disease and IBD. Read part one and part two of the series. With chronic illness comes questions and suggestions of how to manage your IBD, from family members, friends, acquaintances and sometimes even strangers. Food questions or suggestions come from outsiders to our disease, from people trying to figure out their limitations, gain ideas about their disease, understand others' suffering, or find how patients manage and live with IBD. Sometimes they are meant with genuine care or understanding; other times with hidden agendas or dismissal. Sometimes, questions or suggestions are valid, other times, off the wall. I have heard everything from no-gluten to my mascara possibly causing issues ... in my bowel?! Food questions: The food questions and suggestions come a dime a dozen. With each basic Crohn’s question that comes my way, I usually get double the number of food questions and concerns. With a little research, one can find that all sufferers are different, and we cannot expect the one management plan with food or diet
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