Crohn’s Disease Health: Physical Effects

Crohn’s Disease Health: Physical Effects
Editor's note: In this series, "Crohn's Disease Health," Mary Horsley writes about mental and physical health in relation to IBD, and how unreliable it can be. In the second of three columns, she focuses on the physical nature of Crohn's disease. Find part one here.
It's more than frustrating making and breaking plans, and it is never fun to miss out. Trust that we chronic illness warriors want to keep our plans with you. Everyone I know with a chronic illness struggles with making plans for fear of having to cancel them and let others down. Sometimes, we can't avoid it. Sometimes, we have to give in and listen to our bodies, because no one knows it better than ourselves. Beyond the belly and bathroom, Crohn's disease and IBD can affect your entire body, inside and out. The physical problems patients suffer often happen without warning and they can easily change your plans immediately. See my "Beyond the Bathroom" series and my "Crohn's Complications" series. 
These symptoms or problems are sometimes as inconvenient as the diseases themselves and can lead to other illnesses a
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