Crohn’s Disease Health: Unreliability Is a Sure Thing

Crohn’s Disease Health: Unreliability Is a Sure Thing
Editor's note: In this series, Crohn's Disease Health, Mary Horsley writes about mental and physical health in relation to IBD, and how unreliable it can be. In the first of three columns, she focuses on the fickle and unpredictable nature of Crohn's disease. It's more than frustrating when your head and heart want to get going and do something, see friends and be social, but your body won't let you because of illness. It's more than frustrating to make and break plans, and it is never fun missing out. Trust that we, chronic illness warriors, want to keep our plans with you, but it is not always in our bodies' best interests. Everyone I know with a chronic illness, like myself, struggles with making plans for fear of having to cancel them and let others down. Sometimes, we can't avoid it. Sometimes, we have to give in and listen to our bodies, because no one knows it better than ourselves. Sometimes, we can get left out or left behind. We get avoided because of the flakiness of our illness, and invitations come less and less often. We fear being seen as the unreliable one, and we know the impact this can have on maintaining friendships, employment and relationships. Each can be affected by our illnesses. Illnesses can be unpredictable, no blame should be placed on those who are suffering. Those who are fighting illnesses are fighting for health, and being unreliable is unavoidable. Eventually, we all make plans that end up getting changed. And that's okay. On good days, we can function seemingly well. On slow days, we barely get by. And on bad days, not at all. These days, when nothing gets done, are the worst for me. Yes, I am unr
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