Crohn’s and Colon Surgery: Part 1, Getting Prepared

Crohn’s and Colon Surgery: Part 1, Getting Prepared
lisa burks I have learned that living with Crohn's can be a daily battle. That's why us Crohnies are known as warriors! Even though there are many medications available to treat Crohn's, sometimes surgery is necessary. Although Crohn's can affect anywhere in the digestive tract, the colon is the most commonly affected portion of intestines.

There are several types of colon surgeries:

• Total colectomy involves removing the entire colon. • Partial colectomy involves removing part of the colon. Other terms for this surgery include bowel resection and subtotal colectomy. • Hemicolectomy involves removing the right or left portion of the colon. • Proctocolectomy is the removal of the entire colon and the rectum.

Why surgery?

Many diseases and conditions that affect the colon can become dangerous. These include, but are not limited to, bleeding in the intestine, bowel obstructions, colon cancer, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, and preventative surgery. Many people fear having a colectomy because of the risk of needing a ostomy bag.

So you need surgery, now what?

It is very importing to listen to your doctors directions when
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