Don’t Let Summer Run You Ragged — Know When to Rest

Don’t Let Summer Run You Ragged — Know When to Rest
Chronically Strong Shawntel Bethea The year has gone by so fast and it's summer already! With all of the summer chaos, we have to remember to put more emphasis on self-care with IBD. Knowing when to rest is going to be especially important. Here in the Carolinas, we're still at 76 degrees at 9 p.m. It is important to stay aware of our bodies and how we are feeling to avoid any unnecessary stress or issues, and to know when to take a break.

Knowing when to rest with IBD

No one asks to be sick, and I'm sure everyone wants to keep up with their friends and family. And, you still can. Just because you need a break doesn't make you any less fun or important than your friends. Occasionally, it has been hard for me to rest because I "just want to finish what I'm doing," or have so much to do that I "can't possibly imagine quitting now." Usually, on those days, I've packed my schedule full of things that need to be done, but instead of getting everything done, I finish maybe 50% and crash. It's a crash that possibly could have been avoided with just a little TLC and "me time" during the day. My most successful days are not the most successful because I started them differently. It wasn't a case of waking up on the right or wrong side of the bed. I am more productive on these days because of making better decisions throughout my day. During my most productive days, I incorporate these key things to help me through:
  • Know that you are not quitting. Taking a break is not quittin
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