The Importance of Vitamin D in the Crohn’s Diet

The Importance of Vitamin D in the Crohn’s Diet
lisa burks Crohn's can impair nutrient absorption. Nutrients typically come from diet, and with Crohn's severely impacting digestion, it's no wonder many people with the disease are malnourished — intestinal inflammation prevents the body from processing nutrients. One vitamin commonly lacking with Crohn's patients is vitamin D. It’s important to know vitamin D's purpose, deficiency symptoms and risks, and how to correct the insufficiency.

Vitamin D helps every person to properly function

Vitamin D is necessary for effective calcium absorption, which is important for general bone health and bone disease prevention. Vitamin D also helps with regulating blood pressure, weightmoods, and the immune system.

Why is vitamin D essential for Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease is
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