Crohn’s Hurts, but the Chronic Pain Can Be Helped

Crohn’s Hurts, but the Chronic Pain Can Be Helped
Life is not fun when plagued by daily pain caused by IBD. September is Pain Awareness Month. It's important to raise awareness of how much pain can impact daily life. Pain does not feel the same to everyone. Pain is the body’s way of warning that something is wrong. Doctors should investigate persistent pain. Chronic pain is when you live with pain for a prolonged period — for months or years. Describing your pain's location, frequency, feeling (dull, sharp, burning), and intensity will help your doctor find the cause and the best treatment for you. Crohn’s causes chronic pain I have been living with chronic pain for about nine years. It is no secret that Crohn’s can cause a considerable amount of abdominal pain, but comorbidities such as enteropathic arthritis can add other pains. Depending on the severity, Crohn’s pain can range from mild, where you can be active and accomplish tasks, to severe, where you’re in constant pain and unable to function. People often describe Crohn’s pain as sharp and cramping. Some known triggers that can aggravate Crohn’s pain are active flares, certain foods, intestinal spasming, obstructions, and inflammation. Figuring out which of these triggers your Crohn’s is important. What’s the main cause of pain with Crohn’s? How do you treat it? The main culprit to Crohn’s associated pain is inflammation. Most Crohn’s medications aim to reduce or eliminate inflammation. These medications are broken down into different classes: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, steroids, and aminosalicylates. When these medications are not enough, muscle relaxants and opioids can be used to relieve pain. As I said before, everyone’s pain is different, as is each person's pain treatment. Your doctor will h
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