Crohn’s Disease Essentials and Emergency Kits

Crohn’s Disease Essentials and Emergency Kits
Crohn's Disease Essentials and Emergency Kits If you're like me and suffer from Crohn's disease or IBD, you know you have to be prepared for a number of things that could happen. That's why having a Crohn's disease essentials kit and an emergency kit is a smart thing to do. From packing in case of accidents to packing the essentials, there are quite a few things that Crohn's disease patients may want to take with them wherever they go. I have two. But really, I have a bin of items I keep. I keep a Crohn's disease essentials kit that I carry with me and another Crohn's disease emergency kit in my car. A number of things I keep just in case can include anything from candy to extra clothing, from gloves to medical masks, blankets, and chapstick — I prepare for anything. So, I have compiled a list of items I think are necessary to bring. Some fit for a Crohn's patient and others are just items I believe we should all keep.

Crohn's emergency kit

*Restroom access card: the "I can't wait" card from CCFA *Sanitizer *Baby wipes and cleansing lotion *Extra clothes *P
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  1. Vic says:

    IBD patients should NEVER take Advil. That is very dangerous information. Ibuprofen causes bleeding and flares in IBD patients!

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