7 People With Chronic Illnesses Who Used a Body-Shaming Experience to Raise Awareness

Coping with a chronic illness is challenging, both physically and emotionally. Often the illness can change the way we look, making us feel self-conscious or embarrassed. This is not helped by people commenting on physical changes like weight gain or loss, or other body or facial changes. MORE: Improving life with NG tubes. However, there are people who have used their experience with body-shamers to raise awareness of their chronic illness, taking the opportunity to try and educate people about their disease. Erin Migdol writes for The Mighty about people living with various chronic illnesses and how they have used their own experience to help inspire others and to raise awareness of the effects of chronic illness. Here are a few famous faces who used their platform to speak out against body-shaming: Wentworth Miller Actor and model Wentworth Miller suffered online body shaming when pictures of him circulated comparing his different weights. Miller took the time to explain that he'd been dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide and the picture that was intended to shame him actually had the opposite effect and reminded him of his emotional struggle and how far he'd come to face his demons. Sarah Hyland Famous for playing Haley Dunphy on the hit show Modern Family, Sarah Hyland recently had to deal with a lot of online criticism about her weight. The 24-year-old took the opportunity to share why she'd gained weight and her face had become swollen, explaining that it was due to having kidney dysplasia (a condition that required her to have a kidney transplant in 2012) and the medications she needed to treat it. Hyland used social media to address her critics and to ask that people be more understanding and supportive of those living
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