Treatment Options: Biologic Medication Entyvio Is Next for Me

Treatment Options: Biologic Medication Entyvio Is Next for Me
In a single article outside of my usual pattern of writing a series, I wanted to focus more on the biologic drugs and medications offered to Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis patients, specifically the ones that I have tried personally. I’ll also be learning about and discussing the latest biologic, vedolizumab, known by the brand

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  1. Paul Tarantino says:

    Been taking Entyvio for two years. Has anyone seen a reference to cirrhosis of the liver while taking this drug?

  2. Emma says:

    Good luck Mary. The Vedo, 6mp and Pentasa combo has been an organ saver for me. I have UC (pancolitis) and like you had run my options down and was steroid dependent but once the Vedo kicked in and my body got use to it I came into remission. I wouldn’t put a stop watch on the 6weeks, it took the best part of 4 months to truly say I was in remission but even the incremental wins over that time were something to celebrate. Just keep an eye on your side effect list especially when you ween from the steroids. Also hydrate, hydrate, hydrate especially on infusion day. All the very best. Emma

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