Staying Positive Through a Storm

Staying Positive Through a Storm
Lately, my health has not been the best, and it's really been a struggle just to wake up in the morning. I'm exhausted, and no matter how much sleep I get, I always wake up tired. This is my IBD. Although my colon, rectum, and even appendix have been removed, my life is still very complicated. My body is still very complicated. This is just another reminder that surgery is not a cure. Although many physicians and medical professionals may present it as such, sadly, it's not. I am so grateful for my J-pouch and honestly, I wouldn't have life any other way (at this time). But unfortunately, it's not enough. It has given me a 360-degree turnaround, a better quality of life, the ability to actually live life. But it's not enough. Although my colon is gone, I unfortunately still suffer from inflammation and extraintestinal manifestations. We still need a cure. Through everything, I try to stay positive. I try to hold my head up and keep a positive outlook on my condition and my life in the future. If I am having trouble staying positive, I use things like affirmations, games, and even Pinterest to get me through challenging times. Although dealing with any complications associated with any illness can be hard, we have to remember to stay positive. I of all people understand how life-consuming it can get, and how easy it can be to become depressed. I'm in no way saying you should hide what you feel — pain is meant to be felt. But we can't allow ourselves to dwell on those negative emotions.

Things you can do to boost your spirits

If you need something to do to boost your spirits, try occupying your mind. Here are a few things I like to u
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