The Five Most Aggravating Comments about Crohn’s Disease

The Five Most Aggravating Comments about Crohn’s Disease
Everyone has opinions, but people should think before commenting on someone else's health. When a person has a chronic disease, the remarks can really hurt. Remarks that can sting someone with Crohn's 1. "You don’t look sick” I shouldn’t have to look a certain way for you to accept that I have an illness. But I hear this comment a lot because, to others, my illness appears invisible. You don't feel good when you're not believed. Just because my appearance doesn’t reflect how I feel on the inside doesn’t mean I’m not sick. So please don’t make assumptions about my health based on how I look. Some days a woman wants to look cute, despite how she's feeling on the inside. 2. “You’re too young to be sick” I've heard this a lot over the years. There is no age limit on when a condition can manifest itself. I feel like I was robbed of my 20s because I had to deal with asthma, CVID, migraines, major surgeries, Crohn’s and more, starting around age 18. I heard a lot of "you're too young to be sick" when I had my first hip replacement at 23. (Thank you, prednisone.) I agree I was too young for a lot of things to happen, but they did. 3. “It must be nice not having to go to work/school” If only that were the case. It’s not like I’m sitting around the house playing games and watching TV all day. Not working or attending school weren't my decisions. They were made for me. This is because I’m not physically able to work or go to school. It's hard giving up a job or missing a chance at a higher education because of illness. This often leads to disappointment or feelings that you're a failure. Besides that, staying home isn't appealing when you experience pain, GI symptoms, and exhaustion that makes it hard to get out of bed. I’d rather work
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