The Challenges of Living With Crohn’s Disease

Living with a chronic disease is difficult and most patients will need to make significant lifestyle changes to manage their symptoms and keep flares under control. There are many challenges that Crohn’s disease patients have to face. As Crohn’s and Colitis UK explains, finding a good doctor is essential. A doctor who specializes in inflammatory bowel disease will help you to get the treatment you need and can respond quickly to flare-ups.

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Diet is a major challenge for Crohn’s disease patients. An elimination diet can help you work out which foods are more likely to aggravate your Crohn’s symptoms and which will help calm symptoms. You may find that you have two different diets: one for when the disease is active and one when you’re in remission.

Pregnancy and trying to conceive may pose challenges for some women with Crohn’s disease. You will need to speak to your healthcare team to ensure that the medications you’re taking are safe to use during pregnancy.

Children diagnosed with Crohn’s disease may have growth issues if their diet is not properly monitored as they may not be absorbing enough nutrients. Steroid use may also cause growth problems. Puberty is often delayed in children with Crohn’s.

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