Eating These Foods Can Help You Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Most of us have probably been reminded to take our vitamins, or pushed to eat something because it’s “full of vitamins”—and it’s true, getting vitamins is incredibly important. Especially during the winter when some people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can be impacted by low levels of vitamin D. But that’s not all: not getting enough vitamin D can

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  1. Ibd symptoms are MUCH WORSE when vitamin D deficiency is present. In fact many sufferers will experience remission when healthy levels of D are maintained..10,000 i.u. is well tolerated daily. Food is a source of last resort. It’s too unreliable and one must consume vast amounts to meet 7,000 i.u. requirements. BTW The IOM made a math error in it’s vitamin D recs. They miscalculated by a factor of 10. The daily amount should be at least 7,000 i.u. Please address this in a follow up column.

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