Vitamin D Found to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk in Mice with IBD

vitamin d colon cancer and ibdVitamin D, a powerhouse vitamin that is associated with numerous health benefits, is now associated with lowering the risk for colon cancer. The laboratory of Dr. Lillian Maggio-Price in the Department of Comparative Medicine at the University of Washington published a study in Cancer Research, "Increased Dietary Vitamin D Suppresses MAPK Signaling, Colitis, and Colon Cancer," detailing the effects of vitamin D on inflammation in the bowel. "Our studies suggest that vitamin D could potentially aid in preventing colitis-associated colon cancer by limiting inflammation which drives tumor formation in these patients," said Dr. Stacy Meeker, lead author of the paper, in a news story from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Due to the previously established link between adequate vitamin D and decreased colon cancer and
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