What It’s Like Living with Someone with Crohn’s Disease, Part 2

What It’s Like Living with Someone with Crohn’s Disease, Part 2
Last week, you read my interview with my husband about what my illness has been like for him. This week, I interviewed my 23-year-old daughter, who comes with her own unique viewpoint. Do you remember me before I was diagnosed? If so, what was it like, compared to after? I honestly don’t remember what it was

Knowledge is power when living with IBD.

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  1. Paul Tarantino says:

    I think your article was good. I also think you should have gone outside your family interviewing others in this situation such as friends, co-workers, etc.. That may have given a larger view of point and a better perspective.

    • Sheryl says:


      Thank you for your honest perspective.
      I am a mother of 4 young children all with Crohns.

      I would be very interested to hear from anyone you may know who has several children with crohns and how it affects their children and of course the impact it has on their family.

      Thank you

      • Judy Walters says:

        I can’t imagine what you’re going through. 4 kids and they ALL have Crohns and all young? Does it run in your family?

        It’s hard on the kids, but it’s also hard on you, the caretaker. Make sure you get enough rest and eat well and stay on top of your own health so you can be there for them.

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