IBD and Reflexology

IBD and Reflexology

Using Reflexology to Treat IBD

Reflexology is said to help reduce pain for people with IBD. Reflexology treatment is an ancient practice that's been passed down for thousands of years. The Incas and Native Americans may have introduced reflexology to South and North America, but proof of the practice dates back to 3000 BC in pre-dynastic China. Reflexology helps relieve pain and may even help you relax. What is reflexology? It is a homeopathic massage technique designed to relieve pain. Target zones are located
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  1. lila says:

    The lady massaged on the video about foot reflexoly has a specific foot (and skin) which may be sign of a genetic illness called “ehlers danlos”. I told this just in case, if she has lots of others trouble than IBD and Hyperjoint Mobility, she should look more at this desease.

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