Regen Ready to Launch Preclinical Studies on Lead Candidate RG-NAH005 as IBD Treatment

Regen Ready to Launch Preclinical Studies on Lead Candidate RG-NAH005 as IBD Treatment

Regen BioPharma, in collaboration with Zander Therapeutics, is preparing to launch preclinical studies on its lead candidate RG-NAH005 for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the company announced in a press release.

RG-NAH005 is a small molecule that promotes the activity of the NR2F6 receptor in immune cells. The NR2F6 receptor has been recognized as a critical regulator of the activity of immune cells.

Its inhibition leads to an activation of the immune system, representing a potential treatment strategy against cancer cells. In contrast, its activation can prevent the production of pro-inflammatory molecules by T-cells and rebalance over-reactive autoimmune responses.

In August, the company announced it had successfully identified several NR2F6 activators that could lead to the development of new treatment strategies for autoimmune diseases such as lupus. But the activation of NR2F6 also has the potential to regulate several molecular mechanisms involved in other immune-mediated disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, IBD, and psoriasis.

To this end, Regen says it is now ready to start preclinical studies on RG-NAH005 for the potential treatment of IBD.

This decision is supported by initial data collected from laboratory experimental models, which revealed that the molecular mechanism suppressed by RG-NAH005 could be of particular importance in the treatment of IBD, according to Harry Lander, PhD, president and chief scientific officer of both Regen and Zander.

“We are pleased that RG-NAH005 has shown a safety profile that allows us to move it into animal studies,” said David Koos, PhD, chairman and CEO of both companies. “As IBD is both an important issue in both humans and animals, the joint venture of these studies is appropriate for Regen as well as Zander in their pursuit of small molecule therapies for treating autoimmune diseases.”

Zander Therapeutics holds exclusive license rights to develop and commercialize Regen’s NR2F6 intellectual property for veterinary applications.

Based on the success of the screening for potential NR2F6 activators with therapeutic activity, Regen is going to continue to pursue the development of NR2F6 blockers that could represent new therapies for cancer.

According to the company, this approach could potentially treat solid tumors and acute leukemia, as well as prevent the development of chronic graft-versus-host disease due to stem cell transplants.

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