IBDHorizons Announces First Annual Midwest Meeting, Focusing on IBD Education

IBDHorizons Announces First Annual Midwest Meeting, Focusing on IBD Education

Nonprofit organization IBDHorizons recently announced its first annual Midwest meeting taking place March 24 in Columbus, Ohio. The inaugural event will focus on diagnosis, management, treatment, and advances in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

“We are extremely proud and excited to announce our 1st Annual Meeting in Columbus on March 24, 2018,” the organization said in a statement. “For specialists and experts interested in IBD Continuing Medical Education Conferences, this will be a stimulating and informative program, which will be attended by renowned doctors. This will also serve as the platform for discussing key topics related to IBD.”

IBDHorizons’ mission for the meeting is to provide relevant and engaging presentations by renowned speakers; a forum to collaborate with others, ask questions, and share experiences; and a place to reflect upon and refine best practices based on current, evidence-based medicine.

The meeting will consist of a mix of talks and panels. Key speakers include Anita Afzali, MD, who will give a talk about biosimilars and their use in IBD; Brian Feagan, MD, who will discuss IBD treatments beyond conventional medicine; and Adam Cheifetz, MD, who will deliver a speech on therapeutic drug monitoring.

The event is one of the Continuing Medical Education Conferences offered by IBDHorizons. Topics include biosimilars; nonconventional IBD treatments; chromoendoscopy for dysplasia surveillance (detecting the presence of abnormal cells in a tissue); post-operative IBD treatments; new pathways in disease management; surgical indications; therapeutic drug monitoring; and top-down versus step-up therapy for IBD.

Continuing medical education (CME) consists of educational activities that help medical professionals maintain, develop, and increase their knowledge and skills in their respective fields.

IBDHorizons decided to hold CME-focused conferences and meetings after recognizing a lack of educational opportunities in the field of IBD in the Pacific Northwest. In 2016, it hosted its first annual conference, which offered free CME certification supported by industry.

The nonprofit also hosts customized, interactive, roundtable dinner meetings, which provide an opportunity to discuss real-world cases with experts and leaders in the IBD field. The organization’s other activities include conducting surveys, consulting on projects or research, and assisting in setting up clinical trials.

Those interested in attending the March 24 event can register here. More information on what IBDHorizons does can be found here.