18 Organizations Form IBD UK to Improve Crohn’s and Colitis Care Through Collaboration

Inflammatory bowel disease has been increasing since the 1960s, burdening not only those who live with IBD but the global healthcare system as well. That has led 18 organizations in the United Kingdom to team up in order to meet the challenge of Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Their new umbrella organization, IBD UK, includes patients, doctors, nurses, dietitians, researchers and other medical professionals, says its chairman, David Barker. He is chief executive of Crohn’s and Colitis UK, Britain’s largest organization for people with IBD — and with 36,000 members the largest group of its kind in Europe. The organization offers patients and their families support and information, improves IBD care and funds research. Bell, 59, who has had ulcerative colitis since his late 20s, is enthusiastic about being on the IBD UK board because he believes it can make a difference in patients’ lives. The organization’s main goal is “to ensure that people with IBD receive consistently high-quality, person-centered care wherever they live in the UK and have the best possible outcomes from their treatment and care,” its website notes. One of the five ways it can achieve this goal is to define what good patient-centered care looks like, Barker said in a phone interview with IBD News Today. Another is to establish and monitor care standards. Still another is to ensure there are research and quality improvement components in IBD services and care. And the last two are to share best practices and raise IBD’s political profile. IBD UK, esta
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