Coping with a Crohn’s Disease Diagnosis: Third in a Series

Coping with a Crohn’s Disease Diagnosis: Third in a Series
In part three of my four-part series, I discuss how to cope with a new diagnosis and explain how I personally cope with Crohn's disease. So, you've been diagnosed with IBD, perhaps with Crohn's disease or colitis. What are you supposed to do now? I cannot tell you how you should cope with a new diagnosis. Sorry.  But, I can tell you how I got beyond hearing the news for myself, just less than a year ago, and maybe that can help you a little. Once I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, it came after a long two years of waiting for a name to give my monster. I could tell you that hearing the diagnosis "Crohn's Disease," that finally putting a name to the issues I'd been suffering, meant relief would be easier to find.  I could tell you that all my stress and problems vanished with the diagnosis, or that there are medications guaranteed to help everyone. I could tell you that any of this gets easier, that the shots don't hurt and the meds don't have too many side-effects. I could tell you that I am feeling better than I was in the beginning of my journey, or that I have finished my grieving. But I'd be lying. Crohn's disease is just as difficult to manage as it is to diagnose, as my fellow Crohnie's know. Fighting for the diagnosis is just a portion of the battle. This disease is a double-edged sword of sorts, a diagnosis being a blessing all its own. The diagnosis is good news, but bad news all the same. The diagnosis meant treatment could begin, and every day is another day closer to possibly feeling healthy again. Hearing the words chronic illness can be very scary and the answers to healing can be hard to find. You are as individual and unique as your disease; only you know what is right for your journey to cope with this news. I needed
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