23andMe’s Recent Research Collaborations

23andMe’s Recent Research Collaborations

Recently, 23andMe announced a collaboration with Pfizer Inc, allowing researchers with the drug maker to leverage 23andMe’s unique platform to conduct genome-wide associations studies, surveys and clinical trial recruitment.

The news follows a collaboration began last summer between 23andMe and Pfizer to enroll 10,000 people in a study to explore the genetic factors associated with the onset, progression, severity and response to treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.The collaboration with Pfizer — as well as work with academic researchers and other companies such as GenentechReset Therapeutics and others — is part of an effort by 23andMe to offer qualified and approved scientists outside of 23andMe a chance to leverage our unique research platform for discovery.

For more about 23andMe’s collaborations see their CEO’s interview on CNBC.

Learn more and join the IBD study today: www.23andme.com/ibd

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  1. Randy Peck says:

    This is fantastic, and I have submitted my son’s DNA sample (he has Crohn’s disease.) I’m thrilled that 23andme is doing this.
    But at the same time, I’m very disappointed that they are not sharing their data with CCFA, because CCFA has their own database with DNA and other information.
    I get it — 23andme is “for profit” and is doing this to make money. Whereas CCFA is a non-profit working to find a cure for IBD, period. It’s just a shame that 23andme does not partner with the primary organization supporting IBD research around the world.

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