Restrictive Diets’ Effect on IBD Studied in New Review

Restrictive Diets’ Effect on IBD Studied in New Review
A new review on inflammatory bowel disease, entitled “Diet and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Review of Patient-Targeted Recommendations” and published in October issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology summarizes the scarce data on the role of diet in this syndrome and highlights the need for patient-targeted dietary information and advice from the medical community. Researchers are recognizing that environmental

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  1. Eve Rose says:

    Yes, yes, yes. As a patient deep on the throes of this monstrous disease, I would like to add my own personal plea that the medical and scientific community begin to look at the role of these different diets in both inducing remission and controlling symptoms/prolonging time between flares. I have been told repeatedly that dietary restrictions are difficult to study. Surely, there is a way. I have to believe the great minds of our research community can figure out a way to test and control for lack of adherence which I assume is at least one challenge. Is this the holdup or is it a lack of profit behind the problem. Lets face it. Where is the money to be made? Perhaps a progressive insurance company might fund it as the cost of caring for us, between the biologics, surgeries, and ER visits, are so very high.

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