Welcome to ‘Chronically Strong’

Welcome to ‘Chronically Strong’
Hello, everyone! Welcome to my column, “Chronically Strong.” My name is Shawntel Bethea and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 17. After my diagnosis, I really struggled with life with IBD. I didn’t know anyone who had the condition, and I lived in constant fear of being judged or embarrassed. I never achieved remission and

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  1. Lynn Clark says:

    I love the term “Chronically Strong”. It signifies what it takes to have IBD because when you have severe IBD that is what it takes to get through life. My story is very
    much like yours. Unfortunately my j-pouch constantly gave me the same complications as you mentioned and I was constantly taking antibiotics. After 10 years of this my Dr’s and I decided it was better for my health to have a permanent ileostomy. I have a much better quality of life though I have high outputs and require a very LIMITED diet as I am prone to blockages. Strictures and adhesions from too many open surgeries. Life is never dull and it is very challenging when dealing with IBD. But I like to think I am a stronger person and have more empathy for people because of my chronic struggles with IBD.

    • Thanks for reading Lynn! Yes I don’t like the term “chronically ill,” it’s depressing right? We are strong! I’m sorry to hear about all of your troubles with your pouch but I am so glad you’ve found a better quality of life now. I liked having an ileostomy for the most part, it is sooo much better than dealing with my colon! 🙂 What kind of diet are you on?

  2. Saidee Wynn says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am so glad to hear that you have had some improvements in your condition. I look forward to reading more of your works!

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