5 Tips to Self-Manage Your IBD While in College

Going off to college or university is a stressful time, as it’s often the first time young people have been away from their families. If you’re managing a chronic autoimmune condition such as inflammatory bowel disease, then this time can be much more difficult. We’ve compiled a list of five tips that can help you manage your condition while at college, based on information from the Boston Children’s Hospital.


You are probably already aware of foods that trigger your flares, but living away from home for the first time means that it’s easy to slip into bad habits. Stick rigidly to a diet that keeps you well, if you need special foods such as gluten-free items, speak to the food management team at the college and they will be able to assist you and cater to your needs.

Find out more about the role of diet in inflammatory bowel diseases here. 

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