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  1. Brent Jernigan says:

    I tried to use your 40% discount coupon today, January 31, but got a message saying the coupon had expired. I got a notice on Monday, January 29 saying the coupon was good for 3 more days. January 31 is not more than 3 days from January 29 so why isn’t the coupon valid?

  2. Ma Fletcher says:

    Researchers: Keep up the good work! Keeping my Crohn’s under control is essential to me performing for a roomful of kids with cancer here at the Stollery Chldren’s Hospital and quadriplegic kids at the Glenrose hospital here in Edmonton Alberta, as well
    200,000 kids in Alberta, The Yukon and the Northwest Teritories
    P.S. Some of your photos of cars and street signs don’t click properly

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