Fun, Practical Gifts for IBD Patients This Holiday Season

Fun, Practical Gifts for IBD Patients This Holiday Season

The pumpkin pie is almost gone, and I’ve been burning off extra calories decorating for Christmas. There are 20 shopping days left.

I just felt my stress level creep up with the realization that Christmas in less than three weeks away!

I’m already being bombarded with questions about what I want for Christmas. In honor of Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week, I have some gift ideas for IBD patients.

The Squatty Potty

I learned about the Squatty Potty a few years ago in an email ad from an advertising trade organization. The ad featuring a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream was educational and entertaining. I learned more about the bowel movement process from the three-minute video than I had from decades of gastroenterologist visits.

The Squatty Potty positions the body so the colon and anus adjust in a way that eases bowel movements and the symptoms of constipation and hemorrhoids. Clinical studies support the company’s claims that the stool can eliminate strain by 91 percent, increase emptiness by 85 percent, and decrease time spent on the toilet by 71 percent.

Although I haven’t used a Squatty Potty, I can attest to the Asian practice of squatting. When I was 3 or 4, I was badly constipated. I vividly remember my mother instructing me to squat on the toilet seat. I didn’t understand the reason why until now, and I don’t know if she suggested the posture because of her nursing background or because we’re Filipino.

Along with developing a product that eases IBD symptoms, the company donates a percentage of its profits to digestive health organizations, including the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.


I also learned about Poo-Pourri from an ad. In the ad, spokeswoman Bethany, whom I would describe as a proper English lady, uses euphemisms and bad puns to hawk the fragrant spray.

Instead of spraying the product in the air after a bowel movement, you spray it on the water in the toilet before you go. The essential oils create an odor-proof barrier, trapping the stench below the surface.

Poo-Pourri comes in a variety of scents, including an elegantly packaged collection called No. 2 and a designer fragrance collection called Privy. The company also sells gift sets and bathroom décor. For the pumpkin spice lovers out there, Poo-Pourri still has bottles of the seasonal Pumpkin Chai.

A woman-owned business, Poo-Pourri supports the North Texas/Oklahoma chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation as well as programs that encourage education for women and that protect women from violence.

Charmin Forever Roll

Facebook’s algorithm has figured out that I use the bathroom a lot because I keep seeing an ad for the Charmin Forever Roll. Charmin claims the 12-inch roll of Ultra Soft 2-ply is a month-long supply for a two-person household. I am curious how long the roll would last in an IBD household!

You can purchase the special holder separately or buy the starter kit that includes it and three rolls. The holder can be freestanding or mounted on the wall.


Facebook also targets me with an ad for Bagnet. As an IBD patient, I don’t use a public restroom without flushable wipes and hand sanitizer in my purse. I don’t like putting my purse down on any floor, let alone a public restroom floor. So, if the stall doesn’t have a hook on the door or a pull-down shelf, I’ll hang my bag around my neck or even hold it on my lap.

The Bagnet solves that problem. The contraption encases two magnets and a carabiner to hook your bag to any type of commercial-grade metal. The standard size Bagnet holds up to 10 pounds, while the mini version holds up to 4 pounds.

Giving back

Except for a regular-sized roll of Charmin, I’ve never used any of these products. However, I wouldn’t mind getting any of them because they all serve practical purposes. In fact, while doing research, I found a Bagnet that I’m going to add to my Christmas list to send to my mother-in-law.

I have so much stuff that I often don’t need or want presents. If friends and family feel compelled to give me something for Christmas, I usually suggest they donate in my honor to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and Donate Life. After all, the gift of a healthy life is one size fits all.


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