Blood and Plasma Donations Are Needed to Save Lives

Blood and Plasma Donations Are Needed to Save Lives
Right now, in the United States, we are dealing with a critical shortage of blood and plasma donations. The American Red Cross is seeking donors to address the situation, which affects so many who rely on donations for life-saving surgeries and medical treatments.

Blood donations save lives

Blood donations are used during medical treatments, manufacture of medications, and for transfusions — the latter is needed for surgeries, blood loss associated with acute injuries and medical conditions, and severe anemia. Acute blood loss is one of the lesser-known complications associated with Crohn’s disease. Blood transfusions are needed with gastrointestinal surgeries, such as resections, and in rare cases, acute intestinal hemorrhages. People with Crohn’s can develop low iron levels. Thankfully, other options for treating iron-deficient anemia related to Crohn’s exist, including iron supplementation, either by mouth or intravenous infusions. Blood donation can mean the difference between life and death. Did you know that just one donation can save up to three lives?

Plasma donations are needed, too

Plasma donations are used to produce medications to treat people with rare, chronic diseases, including immunodeficiencies, lung diseases, and blood-clotting conditions, as well as those su
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