Weight Challenges Complicate Life with Crohn’s

Weight Challenges Complicate Life with Crohn’s
A stereotype exists that implies that if you have Crohn’s disease, you should be underweight. But it is possible to be either underweight or overweight with Crohn’s. People who are overweight and living with Crohn’s may wonder why so many others are underweight. Diet, physical activity, and medications all play a role.

Diet can be tricky

Losing weight or being underweight is common with Crohn’s, because it affects the body’s ability to digest foods. Malnutrition is a risk and can be difficult to control. Healthy foods such as raw vegetables, fruits with skin, and grains can be difficult to digest and cause more problems. This can lead to an unhealthy diet that is high in carbohydrates. Some great online resources compare how well certain foods are digested. Because everyone reacts differently, trial and error is the best way to find what works for you! Ironically, it is possible to be overweight and malnourished. It is important to see a doctor regularly, follow a healthy diet, and take prescribed supplements.

Disabling symptoms

Depending on the severity of the disease, Crohn’s can be debilitating. Diarrhea, cramping, abdominal pain, and fatigue can make physical exertion difficult. One associated condition is arthritis. Arthritic pain can be intense, making it harder to work out. But a lack of physical exertion can lead to weight gain, so it's best to try and be as active as possible.
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