‘Carbohydrate Monotony’ Diet May Ease IBD, Researchers Propose

‘Carbohydrate Monotony’ Diet May Ease IBD, Researchers Propose
A diet rich in multiple carbohydrate sources, including sugars, starchy carbohydrates, and dietary fiber, is a likely perpetrator of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), two researchers believe. They say the diet may promote immune imbalances, and disrupt the gut’s natural barrier and microbiome. They propose that a "carbohydrate monotony" diet may have greater benefits for IBD patients. "We believe our hypothesis is novel, thought-provoking and well-substantiated. Therefore, we are confident that this viewpoint has a significant opportunity to advance the field," they stated. The opinion piece, “Carbohydrate Monotony as Protection and Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease,” was published in the Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis. IBD, which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, causes chronic and inflammatory diseases that affect the digestive tract. The physiological cause of these conditions is unclear, and no cure for IBD has been found. Less-developed countries that are adopting a Western-type lifestyle are showing an increase in IBD cases, albeit with a lower incidence. This illustrates the importance of understanding the environmental factors behind IBD. Researchers believe IBD is influenced by genetics, defective immunological responses of the host, problems in the gut's natural barrier and in its microbiome (the natural, beneficial community of microbes living in the gut). But dietary changes associated with industrialization have also received great attention from the scientific community. Processed food, emulsifiers, refrigeration, low fiber intake, high fat o
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  1. Victorien says:

    Interesting article and thought process. I, however, I wonder, whether it is the Monotony of the carbohydrates that is the linking factor. The fact is that all people that follow SCD, Paleo, EEN ánd people in poor African countries living on mostly rice, are NOT eating processed foods. Combining complex carbohydrates, fat, sugar and a bunch of additives is what identifies the Western diet, and, in my humble opinion, is causing IBD and other chronic diseases.

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