The Stages of Grief Following a Crohn’s Disease Diagnosis

The Stages of Grief Following a Crohn’s Disease Diagnosis
lisa burks A Crohn's diagnosis changes your life forever. It's not uncommon for those affected by Crohn’s to go through the stages of grief; the grief of losing the life you used to have before the disease. Grief is the manifestation of several emotions due to trauma, the loss of someone, or something important. You can also experience grief when you feel as if you’ve lost yourself. I grieved for my old life after my diagnosis with Crohn's. According to the well-known model by Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Küble
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  1. heather says:

    My 15 years old got diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease recently. Being undiagnosed for so many years has made Crohn’s hard to treat. For her, the symptoms are weight loss, fatigue, red or itchy eyes, and inflamed or bumpy skin.Seeing her I now know these symptoms cause fatigue I have been reading about her symptoms and complications on reddit, everydayhealth and this helps me solve all my doubts regarding her health. I am looking at advice from parents who have some special guidelines or diets that can help ease her flare.

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