Virus Leads to Crohn’s Complications and Hospital Stay

Virus Leads to Crohn’s Complications and Hospital Stay
I've been unable to write this column for a long time because I've been very ill. I became very sick over the Christmas holiday. At first, it was just a sore throat and sinus congestion, but that changed rather quickly. My pulmonologist admitted me to hospital. When I arrived, my oxygen levels were low and I was having severe breathing difficulties. Tests showed I had the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The virus is most commonly contracted by young children; in healthy adults, its symptoms are similar to that of the common cold. However, in those with respiratory problems and a compromised immune system, RSV can be quite dangerous. In my case, it became serious because I have severe asthma and immune deficiency disease (CVID), plus I'm taking immunosuppressant medications, including Remicade (infliximab) and prednisone. Since I was having difficulty breathing, I was put on a continuous breathing treatment to open up my lungs, and I was given IV steroids. The RSV turned into pneumonia over the course of a week and I had to have a continuous nebulizer treatment for 18 days straight. My pulmonologist had to use a bronchoscope to flush my lungs out, suctioning out all the crud that was too hard for me to cough out, to allow the medications to work. Crohn’s steps in Crohn’s-wise, my colon was having a flare throughout the hospital stay. This was partially due to a delay in getting my Remicade infusion. I had my previous dose in October. This gap in doses was because I had shoulder replacement surgery scheduled for the end of November and I had to be off of biologic medications for four weeks before and after surgery, so I had missed the dose that was due in early December. After three weeks in the hospital, I began to have severe nausea, intense stom
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