Letting Your Crohn’s Disease Become Your Passion

Letting Your Crohn’s Disease Become Your Passion
Letting Your Crohn's Disease Become Your Passion After getting a Crohn’s disease diagnosis, the next step is finding out where to go from there. I like to describe this as letting my disease, my advocacy, and my patient perspective become my passion. By letting my the disease become my passion, my patient perspective has helped me and others in several ways. This happens by understanding and helping with IBD, and sharing IBD information while educating others. Following are a few ways I have allowed my disease become my passion:


Before or after diagnosis, Crohn’s disease education becomes the norm. In researching IBD — both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis — you can educate yourself about almost everything. You will never know what you will experience personally, as each IBD warrior will suffer a disease and symptoms individual to them. I looked up everything and anything Crohn’s- and IBD-related to find out as much as I could about my disease, my new lifestyle, what to expect, and how to explain and manage it. I researched symptoms, scope procedures, emergency procedures, surgeries, and medications. I looked up food to avoid, diets to try, plus herbal and alternative remedies. I have studied my blood test and stool test results, and have investigated clinical studies and patient trials. I have explored online forums, Crohn’s disease blogs, and patient sources. [caption id="attachment_1
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