Dehydration and Diarrhea With Crohn’s Disease and IBD

There are many ways IBD affects a patient's body. And, as with any diagnosis, each person will suffer symptoms individually. Some will experience more problems than others, and just because one person has a symptom, does not mean all IBD warriors will have the same. With an autoimmune disease like Crohn’s, problems come in a lot of different ways. I had no symptoms until Crohn’s suddenly took over my life. I began having recurring symptoms, including
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Mary Horsley :Crohn's disease warrior, Navy veteran, communication and journalism graduate, cosmetologist and phlebotomist. I am a fur mom of one dog, my child, Bilbo Baggins. I enjoy sharing my journey with other invisible illness warriors through IBD News and also my personal blog. I live each day trying to find the positive because, for me, it could be worse. I hope you'll allow me to share my experiences and I happily accept any and all feedback, questions, and information. Thank you for reading my patient perspective!