Entyvio Infusions for Crohn’s Disease and How to Prepare

Entyvio Infusions for Crohn’s Disease and How to Prepare
When this column is published to the world on Friday, I will be busy having my next Crohn’s disease infusion of Entyvio (vedolizumab). Here and in future columns, I'll discuss how I plan for my infusions, what I bring with me, and how I spend the next few days. I am still searching for remission, so, I will have my next Entyvio infusion on Friday. Because I am scheduled for an infusion every eight weeks, I began to use a system and to think about what helps me. This will be my sixth Entyvio infusion, but my 10th infusion overall, after four rounds of Remicade (infliximab) infusions before trying this. Entyvio is a biologic therapy that can help Crohn's disease patients enter remission, improve the overall intestinal lining, and stop taking steroids like prednisone. According to the manufacturer, it is typically used when other medications haven't worked for patients. Usually, my infusion can take anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours because I get premeds before the Entyvio itself. Like any medication, Entyvio comes with risks of infections because of our weakened immune systems. Plus, our liver problems become a complication worry and serious allergic reactions are always a concern. Side effects are somewhat a given, at least for me. I always seem to suffer from nausea, headaches, and rashes, plus throat, back, joint, and general body pain. I get tired during my infusions, nauseated after (as always), and I just know that I will suffer from bowel bleeding for the following week. Why? I do not know. While other infusions can take hours, Entyvio averages about 30 minutes, a significant time drop from my R
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  1. Jennifer Hesse says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, which I think can be scary the first time, for any biologic. I am on Entyvio and Stelara & I get both every four weeks. I have found I’m so cold afterwards too! I go in hot (I usually am a crockpot) and then like Mr. Freeze I come out in a sweater and coat.

    • Mary Horsley says:

      Thank you for reading and sharing! I am curious to know more about you getting both Entyvio and Stelara? I usually freezer so the infusions make me colder! The VA has heated seats, so thankfully that helps.

  2. Entyvio infusions are a way of life for me now every 6 weeks in Boston at BWH after undergoing abdominal surgery for a serious fistula infection my Doc suggested Entyvio as soon as it was FDA approved. I am quite content sitting in a recliner which has a back messager which quells my anxiety. I have not experienced any side effects since I started 4 years ago and my Crohn’s is in remission. If you are cold take a heating blanket next time. My best wishes!

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