7 Things People With Invisible Illnesses Think You Should Know

Chances are you know someone who has an invisible illness. An invisible illness means that a person is suffering from an illness or disease which isn't necessarily visible on the outside. However, just because you can't see what's wrong doesn't mean that there isn't anything wrong. People with invisible illnesses often need just as much practical and emotional support as those with illnesses you can see, but sometimes it can be difficult to know how to help. We've put together a list of things you should know about someone with an invisible illness based on information from prevention.com. 1. Don't assume they're faking their disability.  Just because someone has a disabled sticker in their car doesn't necessarily mean they're wheelchair-bound. Many people have these stickers because they need oxygen to get around or are waiting for organ transplants. Yes they might be able to walk, but they might not be able to walk very far and even a short distance can take a lot of effort. MORE: Seven things not to say to someone who has an inflammatory bowel disease 2. Understand symptoms may come and go. People with invisible illnesses often suffer from extreme fatigue and chronic pain. Sometimes just getting through the day is difficult, leaving them with no desire to go out socializing after work. On the flip side, don't assume that because they have an illness that they won't want to go out — they might be having a good day and are feeling great. Be inclusive but respect the person's decision, only they will know whether they are up for the activity. 3. Help is appreciated.  People with invisible illnesses often lead busy lives, including working, looking after family, and running active, busy households. An occasional offer of help, suc
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  1. These invisible Diseases such as IBD are very hard for people they have because no one other than them feel it. On my opinion there is a solution . Take look at people at other countries whom never attacked or very little of them with these diseases and make a study to know why western countries including American have these diseases ?? Of course there are many factors . You can solve these factors one by one and very slowly not by drugs but change life style . You can guide people to change their life style as you guid them to how obey Trafic, standing in line at markets and so on … all this done by issuing laws. The wrong habits of people for taking the food are main factor of IBD. You can change the all types of food at markets cooked or processed or raw . The people eat what they find eat in the markets . Please don’t tell me it is freedom for people to choose their food ? Because as an simple example : In the pastry section at all supper markets most Pasternak with different shapes and tastes have common in two things … High sugar and high fat so what can any person choose from these because all of these Pastery worse?!!! And what the benefit of freedom to choose ?? This just an example from thousands of food .This conversation take much time and my English not so good but I tell you are( FDA ) responsible for most diseases that attacked people that not treated by current drugs like IBD and others that you know. So if you are serious to to do some thing good for those current missirible people who have IBD and other undiagnosed diseases I can help with you to start big program to prevent these diseases to hit new people at least.
    Before 2 or two decade few people have these diseases but now more even children and kids . Tommorow reach to new borns and even pet!!!!
    Billions of dollars spent for making drugs but without healing just increase the suffering time . These Billions if spend to change the food and other wrong life style most suffered people healed !! So there is an opportunity now to start.
    Thank you for gave me an opportunity to talk .

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