Crohn’s Disease and Allodynia

Crohn’s Disease and Allodynia
In a single-themed column outside of my usual pattern of writing a series, I wanted to focus more on the pain and neurological manifestations of Crohn's disease. Allodynia. A few times I’ve mentioned suffering from allodynia, thinking I needed a diagnosis of it. I have had moments, even days, of pain. But this pain is not like normal pain. Allodynia can cause body pain all over, where even the slightest touch can ache you. Wearing a T-shirt can feel uncomfortable, a bra is out of the question, and pants, well, those aren’t happening, either. Having pain like this can be hard to explain. I take my hands and I press lightly on my skin, and everything, from the sides of my face to the back of my legs and feet, hurts. I get tender to the touch on every inch of my skin. Light touches of a hug or even a bump on the counter can cause severe pain. Pain is supposed to warn and deter you from harm. It serves as a warning to hopefully save someone from an injury. With allodynia, the pain is unnecessary and unwarranted. It also can be related to migraines. When I’m suffering from allodynia, even getting ready in the morning is difficult. I have to change a million times to find something loose and comfortable enough to avoid making my pain worse than it already is. I call these my "eggshell days." No jeans, no belts, no tight-waisted dresses or skirts. No bra if you can get away with it, no tank tops or tight T-shirts. No hugging or goofing off, and no pats on the back. I won’t dance or be as lively. I try to wear a seatbelt as loose as possible. Walking can hurt, and definitely no running. (Who am I kidding? I never run!) A blanket can be too much. Something soft is needed, but I’ve heard a weighted blanket helps. Showering with a high-pressure head can be ris
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  1. Jennifer Allen says:

    Very irresponsible article. Needs to be at top of story that the writer is speculating. Are there findings of allodynia connected to Crohn’s? Present facts and balanced writing along with personal insights, please.

    • Mary Horsley says:

      Jennifer, I am very sorry that you disagree with my article and find it ‘irresponsible’. I try to express in every article that these are my own experiences, that this was my latest diagnosis, and that other sufferers may not suffer the same. I never made claims that this was a commonality or systemic of Crohn’s or IBD patients, just that I suffer this manifestation with my own personal IBD journey. I even added my own questions, “Are Crohn’s disease and allodynia related? Because Crohn’s disease is so poorly understood, there are still many questions left unanswered.”, which tells you this was my own speculations and ideas. I hope to find information for both being related, perhaps a study, but there are few articles and studies focusing on the relation between the two, even a relationship between Fibromyalgia and Crohn’s disease, too. (Allodynia is a major symptom of FM).

  2. Mark says:

    Allodynia is one of the symptoms of Entopathic Arthtitis. A large number of Crohns suffers will experince this type of arthritis. Your article is both correct and informative

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