7 Things to Do Before Your First Gastroenterologist Appointment

If your doctor suspects you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), you'll be referred to a gastroenterologist for further testing. The first appointment you have with this specialist is important, so it's wise to be as prepared as possible. We've put together a list of things to do before your first appointment based on information from the Mayo Clinic. Pre-appointment restrictions Find out if there are any pre-appointment restrictions when you schedule your first appointment. Some gastroenterologists may insist that you don't eat for a period of time before the appointment or only eat certain foods. List your symptoms Prepare a list of all the symptoms you experience — even if you th
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  1. It was really amazing that I found this article before I started looking for a good gastroenterologist to conduct a thorough examination of me. You mentioned preparing myself for questions that the doctor might ask like life changes that I had gone through recently and if they induced stress or anxiety. I think I can be open to these types of questions, still, it’s good to be prepared. Thank you for sharing!

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