Crohn’s Disease and Extra-Intestinal Problems, Part 2

Crohn’s Disease and Extra-Intestinal Problems, Part 2

Crohn's Disease and the Extra-intestinal Problems, Part Two
Editor’s note: Second in a series about Crohn’s disease and 
extra-intestinal problems and IBD-related symptoms. Read part one here.

Crohn’s disease can lead to many other extra-intestinal complaints and ailments. As such, the second instalment of this series will focus on additional problems or conditions that can happen with your disease starting from your head. With a diagnosis of Crohn’s or colitis, the bowels often aren’t the only part of the body to have inflammation; the entire body is often involved in the suffering.

From top to bottom, Crohn’s disease and IBD can affect you anywhere. Complications can happen with any form of autoimmune disease, through symptoms, sickness, or added complaints. Crohn’s patients, and all IBD sufferers, can experience extra-intestinal symptoms, and sometimes other problems manifest.

With any diagnosis, there are several ways it could affect your body, and these extra-intestinal ailments are a few of the symptoms IBD patients can face after diagnosis. Extra-intestinal ailments involving the head can include problems with the eyes, uveitis mouth sores and ulcers, headaches and migraines, and inflammation.

Uveitis can lead to redness, irritation, and blurred vision. This can also cause eye pain and sensitivity to light. Ulcers, like inside your stomach, can happen anywhere in your mouth. Abscesses and swelling can also occur in the mouth with Crohn’s disease, as well as throughout the body. The gums may develop gingivitis, and the lips and throat may experience irritation as well.

Migraines and headaches also can happen. I experience medication-induced headaches and have been diagnosed with chronic migraines. I know that my Crohn’s makes the headaches and migraines that I experience much worse.

I’ve gone through it all. From blurred vision caused by medication to mouth sores. I’ve suffered migraines with light sensitivity for years, and I have had a number of other symptoms stemming from my IBD. The way my head has been affected by issues relating to IBD is just the tip of the iceberg.

The list of “what-if” problems for Crohn’s disease are endless. With any diagnosis, each person has individual and unique symptoms. Some people experience more problems than others, and just because one person has a symptom does not mean all IBD warriors will have it.

My Crohn’s disease problems and experiences may be different from yours, but you can never be too prepared for the problems that could happen. With Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, for me, It Could Be Worse.


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  1. Baudart Lynn says:

    I have inflamation from head to toe. When in flare up it’s even worst
    Take good care and best of luck !
    After the rain sunshine is always there and even rainbows 🌈

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