University of Arizona Obtains $1.9 Million U.S. Government Grant To Study Key Protein’s Role in Bowel Disease

University of Arizona Obtains $1.9 Million U.S. Government Grant To Study Key Protein’s Role in Bowel Disease
University of Arizona scientists have received a $1.9 million U.S. government grant to study how a protein helps maintain a healthy mix of gut bacteria, and how interfering with the protein can lead to bowel disease and colon cancer. The Steele Children’s Research Center study will focus on the NHE8 protein, which helps facilitate sodium absorption in the gut and plays other roles there. Among other things, sodium absorption affects the gut's ability to convert nutrients the body will use for energy and other functions. Dr. Fayez K. Ghishan and his colleagues at the center were the first researchers to characterize NHE8's function in the intestine. A division of the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, is supplying the five-year grant. Ghishan and Dr. Hua Xu will lead the study. Ghishan said in a press release that until a recent study his team did, the researchers thought NHE8 was involved only in sodium absorption. They discovered that deleting NHE8's function in the gut leads to "goblet cell dysfunction, changes in the microbiota, and the hyper-proliferation of epithelial cells." And those changes lead to colon cancer. Goblet cells secrete mucus, a protective barrier lining the gut. Microbiota is the term scientists use to refer to the mix of bacteria in the gut. And epithelial cells line hollow organs
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  1. Annette Lewis says:

    I would love to be in a study group from the NHE8. I have been fighting the gut problem for over 30 years. I was in the hospital for a work up to find out the problem. Answer, “You have an over active gut”. I have been to more doctors than I can remember to help me with my BM’s, that just didn’t happen.I have a history of my fight to keep my self on my feet and working. I have never been without pain or special routines to just let me elemate the waste from my body.
    I have stopped trying to get help from Doctors, because they recommend a treatment. When that doesn’t work, they imply I didn’t do it, because it always works. Then they write a RX for depression. I try to explain that that drug just makes things worse plus they keep me from sleeping. Next step is the doctor sends me to a counselor, because every thing they have tried has not worked so it must be in my head. I go to the counselor and after all the paperwork, I get to the doctor and after 5 minutes they ask me why I am there? So then they tell me there is nothing wrong with my head, it is just that they don’t know what to do with or for me. As you can see I am willing to try anything to get better. Please!

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