Hopeful That Six-Month Checkup on Stelara Brings Lasting Relief

Hopeful That Six-Month Checkup on Stelara Brings Lasting Relief
In a few days, I’ll reach my six-month mark for being on Stelara, which I started on Nov. 1, 2016. I did not have high hopes, but it was about all that was available to me. My doctor had explained to me a few months before, when it was clear Cimzia wasn’t working, that it

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  1. M. Gray says:

    FYI – prednisone rebound is common and very difficult to get over. Try reducing from a moderate amount like 20 mg per day very slowly and alternating days. This worked for me while I was also waiting for purinethol to start helping. I also followed the SCD diet religiously. For example, wean off by taking 20mg one day, then 17.5, then 20mg, then 17.5 for a week or so, then 20/15/20/15…, then 20/10/20/10… Once you get to 20/0/20/0 start reducing the high days. So, 17/5/0/17.5/0…15/0/15/0, etc. My old GI who was a pro (since retired) suggested this so that my body didn’t notice my weaning off and react with inflammation. Once I was done, the purinethol, 50 mg/day worked for 7 years all by itself and I went back to a normal diet too. I did eventually have a flare, use Remicade for several years, Cimzia off and on, etc. but overall my health hasn’t been too bad considering how long I’ve had Crohn’s colitis. Good luck!

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