The Emotional Side of Crohn’s

The Emotional Side of Crohn’s
Crohn’s is not only a disease of the digestive system; it can also cause skin, vision and joint problems. No two cases of Crohn’s are the same, so the locations and severity of symptoms vary from being relatively mild to severely debilitating. Between the symptoms, frequent appointments, tests and procedures, this disease has a profound impact on a person’s quality of life. For me, it’s rare for me to go a week without having at least two doctor’s appointments.

So much more than a physical disease

It’s important to know that Crohn’s can be just as painful emotionally as it is physically. Over time, living with such a debilitating disease takes a toll on our bodies and minds. Because the disease impacts all aspects of life, people with Crohn’s often experience a domino affect of emotions. Such as relief, shock and denial, along with anger and sadness.

Emotional reactions come in stages.

 Stage one is relief, shock and denial.

After hearing your doctor say, “The tests came back positive for Crohn’s disease,” most say they feel a sense of relief. After feeling sick for so long and the documented cause for the symptoms go from “cause unknown” to “Crohn’s disease.” It’s such a relief to finally have answers, but that relief is short-lived. As the doctor begins to explain exactly what Crohn’s is, and what this diagnosis means for you, it’s a bit overwhelming. I was both shocked and confused by what I was hearing. What could have c
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