8 Common Complications of Crohn’s Disease

Crohn's disease is primarily a disease of the digestive system but many patients will also suffer from complications that can affect the gut such as fistulas, strictures, and perforations. However, Crohn's disease complications are not just confined to the gastrointestinal system, they can affect other areas of the body according to Crohn's and Colitis UK and the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. Anemia Anemia refers to a lower than normal level of red blood cells which can cause patients to suffer from headaches and shortness of breath, and feel weak, dizzy, and fatigued. Liver Inflammation  Liver inflammation may occur in Crohn's disease although this is usually fairly mild and only 5 percent of Crohn's patients go on to develop liver disease. Skin Problems Blisters and ulcers may appear on the skin and some patients may experience red swellings on their legs. Mouth Ulcers Mouth ulcers are a common complication connected to Crohn's disease. Seven tips for managing Crohn's disease flare-ups.  Eye Problems Around 10 percent of Crohn's patients will suffer from eye problems, including dry eyes and inflammation. Weaker Bones One- to two-thirds of Crohn's disease patients will have lower than normal bone density which could lead to osteoporosis. Blood Clots Blood clots are a dangerous complication of Crohn's disease and can lead to deep vein thrombosis. It's estimated that people with active Crohn's disease are 16 times more likely to develop blood clots than those who don't suffer from the disease. (Source: WebMD) Joint Pain Inflammation of the joints is a common complication that affects around a third of Crohn's disease patients. The pain usually occurs in the wrists and elbows and the knees and ankles. E-coli link between Cr
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