The Day Crohn’s Disease Changed My Life Forever

The Day Crohn’s Disease Changed My Life Forever
My Crohn's story started in August 2014. I woke up one morning with severe stomach pain and went to the emergency room. The doctors there ran some tests and came up with the conclusion my pain was likely caused by a small ovarian cyst. I informed them the cyst had been there since I was a teenager and had never caused me any problems. The doctor just said to follow up with my primary care doctor and gave me discharge papers. As I was leaving the emergency room, I suddenly started throwing up. I could feel that whatever was going on was serious and I decided to check myself back into the ER. Unfortunately the same doctor walked in my room. He agreed the cyst wouldn’t cause me to start throwing up and went to look at a couple other tests results. When the doctor returned to my room, he informed me the scans also indicated there was some mild inflammation in my intestines. That could indicate the start of an infection and prescribed me an antibiotic. I left the ER with a feeling of helplessness, and as if the doctor had blown me off.

Things go from bad to worse

A few hours after I went home, my husband found me unresponsive and called 911. When I arrived at the hospital, I had renal failure, sepsis and was in shock. Over the next 36 hours I was in critical condition. I remained unresponsive with a high fever, dangerously high heart rates and dangerously low blood pressures. The critical care doctors were working hard to save my life. Only being able to go off of the symptoms that brought me to the ER to start with, they called a gastroenterologist to help investigate what was happening. The gastroenterologist decided to perform a colonoscopy in order to get a better idea what was going on. He found that my colon had severely dilated and ulti
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